2018 Hairstyle Trend: Half Bun

Yes, we have a comeback of half bun in 2018, but this time it's going to be popular among girls and boys. This type of hairstyle is ideal for those who have bad Mondays, who have post weekend trauma with headaches and bad hair days. You do need to look for your hair and I highly recommend to go for a half-bun style. It's sort of mixed up hobo with chic urban style. The look is original and pretty easy to do. I love to see babes and dudes wearing such look with wrap coat or vintage jacket with fur details. As I have already mentioned, this is not a new trick, but you can keep things look unfussy and unique by wearing half bun with casual or dressy clothes. Read on to find out more about this cool hairstyle.

This cool and creative hairstyle hit the streets of big cities and there is no wonder why. First of all, it is an ideal look for people who are lazy creating fabulous hairstyles. This half-bun look doesn't take any effort for pulling it off. It looks disheveled, chic and can be done in seconds. I think no one wants to spend hours in front of the mirror from Monday to Friday before going to work, right? That's where half bun comes out for a help! Another thing is the unisex look, yes, you got me right, men with long hair can actually rock the half-bun hairstyle. It allows to show off your long locks without looking like a girl. I think there is nothing in creating such look for men. The result looks pretty fashionable, effortlessly chic and rock and roll inspired. The look is pretty easy to do and looks quite a grunge-inspired to me.

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