How To Wear Floral Print Next Winter 2018

Hello, there fashion ladies! Today's blog post is dedicated to floral print outfit ideas you can wear during Fall and Winter season. I am pretty sure, most of you want to know how to wear florals next 2018 and I've got incredibly cool street looks to share with you. Flower power is a perfect choice to underline your uniqueness and femininity. Sure, Autumn florals look different than playful Summer ones. Anyway, let's get down to the business and see awesome ways how to wear this trend next year.

If you want to rock florals in fall months, then you better choose florals in dark colors, with navy, black, mustard, dark green, oxblood or plum background. Florals look great on any clothing piece, that's why there is no limit to what you can wear. It can be either a top, pants, skirt, dress, shorts or even shoes. I personally love to see women wearing dresses completed with dark floral print. It can be a lovely white sweater teamed with a black skirt in pink florals, either a cool black bomber jacket in a classic floral pattern teamed with black skinnies and black leather booties. I think women who are afraid to wear florals in the Fall season can start from printed accessories, like floral print bags, scarves, shoes, etc. Don't forget about wearing layered outfits, I love to see women who incorporate floral pieces into layered pieces. Just be sure to keep things simple, without complicating your outfit.

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