What Clothes To Wear Next September 2018 In Italy, London, Paris and New York

This time I'd like to share with you simple fashion tips and outfit ideas what to wear in September 2018 if you are in Italy, London, Paris or New York. At this time of year, the average temperature in London is about 16°C (60°F), New York average 18 °C (64°F), Paris 17 °C (62°F), Italy (Milan, Rome) 22 °C (71°F) in Milan and Rome. Frankly speaking, almost every city has the same temperature (okay, Italy has the highest average temperature among other cities), that's why you can wear almost the same clothes in each one of these countries. September is not a cold month, but it gives us a big hint, saying that Summer is behind us and we gotta say goodbye to it. The Autumn is heading its way and we need to pack or start to wear transitional clothing. Think of warmer fabrics, layering, warmer shoes and extra accessories. Once the temperature of the Summer drops a little bit down, you can start wearing long sleeves, like light sweaters, button downs, jackets, cardigans, sweatshirts, jumpers, etc. You can mix them up with all sorts of cards, blazers and other cool tops.

As in every other city, it's important to wear comfortable shoes when you are in New York. I recommend picking a comfy pair of flats, like tennis shoes, sandals or sneakers with capris or jeans with a light sweater in bright or neutral color. I personally like to wear Kate Moss-inspired outfits with skinny jeans, cool boots, and funky top. When you are in Paris during September, I would recommend packing at least two pairs of comfy shoes that can be switched up every couple days. Better go to function over fashion, trust me! This time in Paris can be either very warm or very chilly, that's why I recommend taking ubiquitous layers for outerwear, wool blazer, at least one sweater and a classy raincoat with a hood. If you are going to visit Italy during September, then I recommend to pack comfy and functional shoes, but keep your layers light, otherwise, you gonna sweat. Wear what you like, just make sure to avoid bright prints or patterns. If you are going to visit London in early -mid-September, then you never know what kind of whether it is going to be in London these days, it can be hot, cold, wet or dry. You definitely should use layers, light jacket and don't forget to take an umbrella with you. Speaking of possible style, then I would definitely recommend to try on elegant classics, like neutral color sweaters, tailored pants, ballet flats, jeans, white shirts, classic blazers, etc. Sure, there are ladies who keep their outfits sophisticated, boho chic, badass queen, gangsta glamour, etc. Be yourself and enjoy this month!

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